DeAndre Hopkins is the Man

DeAndre Hopkins is the best WR in the NFL and he quietly goes under the radar behind diva WRs such as OBJ and Antonio Brown but today’s news of Hopkins donating his game check for drive by victim, 7 year old, Jazmin Barnes shouldn’t go without recognition.

Ms. Jasmin Barnes was with her family sitting in their car when a man in a pick up truck pulled up and opened fire, killing the 7 year old baby girl and injuring her family members. A senseless act of violence.

Lately superstar WRs in the NFL have been known for all the wrong reasons but Hopkins is taking a stand against wannabe gangsters making our neighborhoods a unsafe place for our loved ones.

Hopkins said “When I see Jasmin Barnes face, I see my own daughter.” A quote that hits home for all parents.

Being a parent and a kid who lived around senseless violence, I am thrilled that Hopkins has chosen to take a public stand and debunk the growing popularity of gangs in Pop culture Hopefully this is a growing trend for people blessed to be in position to have a voice to the masses. We need more people like Hopkins and less like Kardashian.

Check out Texans superstar WR DeAndre Hopkins take on the Colts this Saturday in the wildcard weekend. Hopkins has yet to allow a ball hit the ground when thrown to him this season and I doubt the ball gets dirty on Saturday as he dedicates the game to Jasmin Barnes.

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