Smash Mouth Are No All Stars

You know what I’m excited for??? Not an 80’s cover band covering as Smash Mouth.

Smash Mouth played to a decent sized crowd at the Tulare County Fair Sunday evening. Tickets were free with admission to the fair. To say that the event was a smash would be a wrong statement. Periodically the lead singer, Steve Harwell, would leave the stage for sections of songs before he ultimately left for good in the middle of Walking on the Sun.

The lead singer noted that he wasn’t feeling well after a few songs. I’m guessing he ate a couple jumbo corn dogs and then got on The Zipper before the show started. At one point, Harwell also seemed to get upset at the crowd for not singing along. Regardless, he left and the band members did their best to fill in his absence. I commend the band members for not skipping a beat and kept the show going. They went into requests from the audience, which turned into them playing the 80’s songs from Guitar Hero 2. The band closed out with that Shrek song (which is another cover) and lastly All Star.

All hope was not lost in that I got a corn dog and it helped quickly erase most of what I just saw and heard.

Oh ya. Saw that camel rides are a thing at the fair now.

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