Jurassic Park 5

Saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom last night and I can definitely say it had Jeff Goldblum in it.

…But not nearly enough.

SPOILER alert, the only scenes he is in are all in the trailers.

AnywaysThe movie had a great opening scene that was similar to the original JP opening. The intro had a Jaws feeling to it as well, which I liked. The middle part of Fallen Kingdom was kind of lackluster with most of the scenes again being in the trailers. There was also a plot twist of sorts that had the viewer feel almost unattached to throughout. The ending however, was fun and exciting..and somewhat of a tearjerker. Director, JA Bayona, and writer, Colin Trevorrow, pretty much brought an end to an era in this film (hint at the title of the film) but I was excited to see how they set it up for the next and last installment of this trilogy.

Grade: 7.2 out 10 Goldblums

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