Julius Peppers….the Cat.

Yesterday was one of the hardest days I’ve encountered in a long time. My cat of 11 years had to be put to sleep due to a large mass found on his stomach. Even if they tried surgery there was a good chance it had spread to other parts of his body. So the Vet suggested I put him down. She said he maybe had days left to live due to his weight loss and strength.

Although he seemed in good spirits, he had started to throw up his food pretty often over the last few months. I thought, maybe because he was getting long in the tooth it was time to switch to soft food but that still didn’t help. The vet said that animals (especially cats), hide their pain or any issues they have so predators don’t sense the weakness. With just having a newborn, I didn’t sense any issue until he started throwing up consistently and losing significant weight.

When I got Peppers, I told myself that I wouldn’t spend anymore than double what I paid for him, if he need vet treatment. Well, that wasn’t really fair since I only paid sixteen dollars and nineteen cents for him. I almost named his sixteen nineteen because I thought it was ridiculous that a beating heart could be on sale from its original price of a whopping $25 dollars. But all that changes when you fall in love with your animal. Yesterday, if the vet would of told me it would cost 10k to fix my cat, I would of told her to get going with the surgery. Even without consenting with my wife first. That’s how bad my heart was hurting for him.

Having to make the decision to put your animal down sucks dick and I don’t know if I’ll put myself through that again. Or at least anytime soon. As much as I love animals, I equally hate the feeling of losing one.

I wasn’t expecting to have to put him down during his trip to the vet. I thought maybe he had a stomach issue, since he had gone to the vet before for a clogged gut. But when the vet told me she suggested he be put down, my heart sank and I instantly began to cry right there in the vet room. A 33 year old grown man crying his eyes out for a cat. She comforted me and said she loves to see how much people care for their animals. She exited the room and I was left there to say good bye to my best bud of 11 years. I sat in the chair and he instantly crawled onto my lap from the table. Almost as if he knew this was our last few moment together. He laid in my lap as I called my wife crying my eyes out to let her know I was putting him down. I went there expecting a fix and instead was told he needed to be put down.

There isn’t many cats like Peppers. He would greet you at the door everyday when you got home, just like a dog would. He was very vocal and loved laying on my chest. I had plenty of people who hated cats say that Peppers was a cool cat. I’m going to miss him so much. He died to soon. Love ya bud.

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