Hotel TV Remotes are the worst!

In the pass few months I've been staying in hotels at least once a week for training. I typically stay at Holiday Inn or Hampton Inn, which are normally pretty nice hotels. Sometimes I get the suites, which is completely unnecessary for one person, but I'll take it. The beds are pretty decent, good water pressure in the shower, and a variety of good nearby restaurants. However, they all share one common issue: the worst cable tv remotes in the world.
Trying to change channels on a hotel TV is like going back to the 70's when you had to turn the actual knob on the TV. Except, that was easier. There is always a huge delay between channels and half the time they don't work. Although, purchase that skinamax movie for 10 bucks and it'll come in clear as day.
The day of the 2017 NBA draft, the Boston Celtics had the number 3 pick. I had gotten out of training a little early and was able to get back to the hotel to watch the draft. I was so pumped up. Unsure if the Celtics were going to make a trade or take a player.
So there I was laying in the big comfy bed, swimming in pillows and a down comforter waiting for the draft to start. It finally starts and Fultz goes off the board number 1 to the 76ers. Then 10 mins later some clown goes to some clown team as the number 2 pick. Time then seemed to slow down to a snail crawl. After 5 minutes I flipped over to another channel while the commercial was going. When I attempted to go back to the draft, the channel kept losing signal. Instantly, I mashed the buttons in anger because I knew I was about to miss the pick. Even though the consensus was already Tatum, I still wanted to see his name called. As you can guess, I missed it. The channel never came back on and I had to see it on twitter instead. I was so hot, I threw the remote across the room.
I'm sure you're saying, "Why is he mad at the remote? The cable is what sucks." And you're 100% right, but I can't throw cable. It infuriates me when I can't click the channel button with a solid rhythm. I just end up turning it off.
So please, all hotels, just give your customers some Comcast or DIRECTV.

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