G.O.T is back…..

The last time I got to watch some Game Of Thrones, I was 10 pounds lighter, living in Long Beach, and the wife and I were not expecting a child. A lot can happen in between seasons of GOT. This time around, instead of going back and watching every season to get caught up before the new season comes, I’ve been eating, moving, and having sex (not to brag). Now I’m going to spend the first show of the new season having my wife explain to me who’s a Targaryen and who’s a Lannister. 

This is the 7th season of GOT and if you haven’t already heard, there’s only going to be 7 episodes instead of the normal 10. To make up for the the other 3, a few episodes are suppose to be longer. If waiting forever for just 7 episodes didn’t piss you off, maybe waiting til 2019 for the final season will do the trick. 

We’ve all been waiting for winter to come and supposedly this season it will be here. The white walkers will make their biggest appearances in this season, which should be interesting, seeing as only a few have Valerian steel or dragon glass (the only two things that can kill a white walker). The first episode of season 7 is title “Dragonstone”. I’m assuming that’s where they will find a bunch of dragon glass. But what do I know. 

All I do know is that Game Of Thrones is one of, if not, THE best show to ever grace the TV and tonight it’s back on. And since I don’t have HBO, please slide into my DM’s and give me that “HBO Go” password so I don’t have to stream it from the internet. 

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