Band Of The Week…… Portugal. The Man 


In this Band Of The Week, we’re talking about Portugal. The Man. Yes, there is suppose to be a period after Portugal. That’s the mans name. When asked about the name, the band responded, “It’s an interesting name, I guess. It is kind of an alter ego like Ziggy Stardust and Sgt. Pepper. It’s our character to represent us as a band. In picking a country’s name, it was one name that represents a group of people. It made sense for a while, but we have regretted it ever since that day”. I would definetley regret it if I was in the band too. I’m sure that’s the most asked question for the band and they all hate it by now. But I’m not in the band, so I love the name. I remember the first time I saw P.T.M. in concert. It was at The Exit in Fresno, CA. I believe they opened up for Minus the Bear. I remember looking at the opening bands and seeing Portugal. The Man. My brain went to mush for a second trying to figure out what was going on with the bands name. I thought, “What the fuck is this going to be about?!” Needless to say, they blew my socks off. I remember them playing “Church Mouth” and I was hooked.

Portugal. The Man are an Indie Rock band with a psychedelic twist, hailing from Wasilla, Alaska. They’ve been spreading their sound since 2004 and don’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. They released a new album initialed “Woodstock” on June 16th with a pretty groovy hit single “Feel It Still“. This is their 8th studio album dating back to 2006. The band consist of 5 current members:

  • John Baldwin Gourley – Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Drum Machines
  • Kyle O’Quin – Keys, Synths, Guitar, Back up Vocals
  • Zachary Scott Carothers – Bass, Back up Vocals
  • Eric Howk – Guitar
  • Jason Sechrist – Drums

Theres been other members of the band who have come and gone but these are the current members.

My Favorite album has to be “Church Mouth” 2007. So many great songs on that album. One of those front to back great albums. Some notable songs would have to be “Church Mouth“. Both the name of the album and the first song. When they played this song live, I started off just bobbing my head but by the end of the song I was amped and moving around the pit. I was instantly a Portugal. The Man fan after that song alone. Another great track is “Sugar Cinnamon“. If this song doesn’t make you groove then you’re obviously not a human and you hate any noise. One of my personal favorites off the album is “My Mind“. Its a lot more chill than the rest of the songs. Very relaxing for me.

Purple Yellow Red & Blue” was a great song off their 7th album entitled “Evil Friends“. Good song to put on your “Cleaning House” playlist. “People Say” may be one you remember if you can think back to the 2009. It was the single off of “The Satanic Satanist”. I’ll leave off with one of my top 5 favorite P.T.M. songs. “Modern Jesus” hits close to home for me. Gives me a little boost when the world may not be going like it should.

Hopefully a few of these tunes add some value to your life. But don’t stop here. They still have so many great songs I didn’t mention. Click on their name to go to their wiki and learn all you can handle. FYI, they are currently on tour and coming to LA on June 29th and 30th. So check them out. Leave some comments letting me know what you think about them. Until next week.


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