I’m Done With This Guy….USMNT



Before I get going here, I know he scored a goal tonight but that was a gimmie.  USMNT defender Omar Gonzales needs to go. I’ve been watching this guy “play” soccer since he joined the LA Galaxy in 2009. When I moved to Long Beach in 2010, I started to frequent the Galaxy home games in Carson. Even watched them win an MLS Cup in person in 2011. I really liked Omar in the early years but the more and more I watched, the less and less I liked what I was seeing. He won MLS rookie of the year in 2009 and received MLS Defensive player of the Year in 2011. But after his loan and injury (torn ACL) he just never seemed the same. Like I said, I went to plenty of Galaxy games (not to mention the games I watched on TV) and watched him get burned or make the wrong decision and cost the team goal after goal. Somehow an ACL tear affects your brain. Who knew. It’s like he just started to deteriorate before my eyes.

I get it. He’s 6ft 5in. Nobody in soccer is that big. He has to be one of the tallest players to ever play the game. Don’t fact check that. Maybe top 30. This is why he plays for the USMNT. The USMNT is great when the set pieces are firing on all cylinders. Set pieces are what keep the US contending (if that’s what you want to call it) against top National teams. So we need tall guys to dominate the set piece. That’s where guys like Omar come into play. But even then, he’s only scored 1 goal for the USMNT before tonight (30 Games). His first goal was pretty similar to tonights goal. Kicked in, not headed. But tap ins off deflections, not rockets from 25 meters out. See what I did there, I said “Meters” instead of “feet”. I’m with it, no big deal…….. He’s brought in to put the ball in the back of the net during set pieces. Yet, he doesn’t do that. Technically, he’s suppose to play defense as well, but he doesn’t do that either. Don’t get me wrong, every squirrel finds a nut and he has had great games, but the Galaxy saw the writing on the wall. After making Omar the first ever center back to get a MLS Designated Player contract in 2013, the Galaxy transferred him to Pachuca by the end of 2015, instead of extending his career there. He totaled 12 goals and 10 assist in 180 games with the Galaxy. If there were a stat on goals given up because of Omar, I would of posted it, but it doesn’t exist (I looked) and I’m not watching that much film to prove a point.

At this point I know he’s not going anywhere but after reading this, you’ll now watch him differently and that makes me happy. When I’m screaming at the TV because Omar forgot to look to his right, I’ll know someone else is doing the same. Check out “The Best of Omar Gonzales” from MLSsoccer.com, and see for yourself why I’m ranting about him. Mind you, that’s a highlight reel.



Oh and don’t forget this…..


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