Celtics Tatum 27 pts 11 rebounds 

Just got done watching the Celtics vs lakers summer league game and I must say, that Jason Tatum is looking pretty good. I know the competition isn’t much but if you watched the game, you’d see that he hit some difficult shots. He finished the night with 27 points and 11 rebounds. After the game, Tatum talked about how Kobe was, and still is (even though he’s a Celtic) his favorite player. And it showed. Tatum had a spin move, step back fade away on Lakers Kyle Kuzma (who also dominated), that was very Kobe-esque. His post moves were impressive for a rookie. He also hit a deep 3 buzzer beater to close out the 3rd quarter that put the Celtics up 63-57. He started the night off slow but flourished in the second half to help the Celtics get the win against their long time rival. If the Celtics are able to hold onto Isaiah Thomas, then I’m very excited about playing the Cavs in the eastern confrence again. One step at a time. 

Oh and Lonzo Ball had a better game tonight, but who cares. Lakers Kyle Kuzma was impressive and had a game high 31 points, plus 9 rebounds. Other honorable mentions go to Celtics Semi Ojeleye who stepped up with 19 pts and 3 rebounds. Anytime the Celtics beat the lakers, it’s a good night. Too bad the lakers are still going to be terrible for a while. I really enjoy the rivalry. 

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