Bye Bye Bradley

Today is one of the saddest days I’ve had in a while. One of my favorite players in the NBA, (that happens to currently be on the Celtics but probably won’t be by the time I finished this blog) Avery Bradley, is getting traded. Watching this guy play defense was something special to me. The way he would grind up on an offensive player like a high school kid at a dance and pretty much force them to pass because they couldn’t breathe was so fun to watch. Not many hit shots over him (unless you’re Lebron). He’s developed into a 3 point shooter, which for the past couple of years has made me like him even more. 

I got the alert update from Woj that he will be traded to the Pistons for Marcus Morris at 7:15 this morning. Not the way I wanted to start my day. Why not wait til the end of the day to post that shit. Some of us simple people that love sports don’t need that with our morning coffee. I guess I’ll just watch some old highlights and cry. I’ll miss you Bradley, but hopefully you get that money. You deserve it. 

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