Band of the Week….. Alabama Shakes

I’ve decided to do a weekly blog on a band or an artist. Something more than just, “This song is cool, listen to it over and over until you hate it”. I thought about doing just a song of the week but decided its better for me to just talk about some of their great songs and how they make me feel. Focusing on one song just doesn’t do a band/artist justice. Not everyone can put out flawless albums every time but they can have many great songs across multiple albums. And even though their sound can change over albums (INCUBUS), you’ll still find gems in the later albums.

Another reason for this weekly post, is so that I’ll get back into music, like I use to be. I use to know all the songs, the lyrics, the albums, and went to a ton of shows. I still love music just as much but (insert excuse here), so I haven’t been as dedicate. Although I doubt I’ll be learning every lyric or song names, I do plan on listening to a lot more music, instead of turning on the TV. Since I started blogging, The TV is off more and the music is playing. Plus football is still some time away, soooooo………….Anyways, hopefully you find something that adds value to your life in these weekly music posts.


The Shakes originate from Athens, Alabama. Who would have thought. The band consists of members:

  • Brittany Howard – Lead Vocals & Guitar
  • Heath Fogg – Guitar & Back up Vocals
  • Zac Cockrell – Bass
  • Steve Johnson – Drums & Back up Vocals

The also have a couple of touring members that play keyboard.

I agree with most, that their sound is Blues Rock. Brittany’s voice makes me feel special inside. Whether she’s singing softly or with power, it hits me deep in my soul. I can be having a shitty day, and pop on some Alabama Shakes and by the end of “Always Alright” – Boys & Girls, I’m definitely feeling alright. Like so many of you, I like to play music and sing while I take a shower, so I can pretend I have an awesome voice. Everyone sounds better in the shower. A great song to sing to in the shower is “Hang Loose” – Boys and Girls. Song just makes me feel good. A great line from the song says “let the ocean worry about being blue”. Gotta be one of my favorite single lyrics of all time. The bands single off of Boys and Girls – “Hold On” is definitely a song for one of those days you’re feeling a bit blue and need a pick me up. A well written song, lyrically, can bring out emotion in me but sometimes I just want move to the music. I get caught up in the beats, the guitar, and even the bass. I shut out the words and just flow with the music. “Don’t Wanna Fight” off of their most recent album Sound and Color, is one of those songs.

If you’ve never heard of them, take 10 minutes of your life and click the song links. If you want to know more facts about the band then click on the their name to be directed to their wikipedia. Let me know what you think of them in the comment section. Also if you have any suggestions of great bands/artists that people should check out, post them in the comment section. Until next week.

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  1. legit thought this was a country band until tonight. cool soothing rock sound that had me stomping my feet and slapping my knee.

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