Review: 47 Meters Down

Summer is for BBQ’s, day drinking, swimming, and shark movies.  If you’ve ever met me (if not, consider yourself lucky) you’d know my all time favorite movies are JAWS and Jurassic Park.  I consider myself kind of a connoisseur of shark and dinosaur movies.  I remember last year around this time I was anticipating this movie coming out on DVD/VOD when it was called In The Deep.  After selling the distribution rights, the title was changed back to 47 Meters Down and set for release in summer 2017.

The movie follows two sisters played by Mandy Moore (former 2000’s pop star) and Claire Holt (no idea) as they are vacationing in Mexico.  They end up meeting some guys and go shark cage diving.  Terror ensues when their cage breaks free and falls to the ocean floor ..wait for it.. 47 meters down.

Familiar face Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket) shows up and plays the token boat/diving expert. Think of  JAWS’ Quint without the wit, charm, or shark knowledge. When he’s not trying to speak in broken Spanish, he’s reapeatedly giving the audience a lesson in shark diving. Even though it gets overbearing at times, I appreciate the idea of do’s and dont’s in this situation because a dream of mine is to go into a shark cage (while getting fed down piping hot soup through a tube) someday.

My favorite sequence in the film involved the two protagonists slowly ascending towards the surface aided by a flashlight and flares. This particular scene has a shot worthy of pausing when the Blu Ray comes out.

With the humdrum of shark movies on Syfy lately that have been coming out since the Sharknado frachise came about, there hasn’t been a whole lot to be excited about in terms of shark movies.  Deep Blue Sea (1999) was silly but fun.  Open Water (2003) was a scary experience with real shark footage. And last year The Shallows (2016) came out and brought back the entertaining shark attack genre to theatres. The next line of movies this genre has to offer are the promising Open Water 3 Shark Cage (again I have a thing for shark cages) coming out next month, and the big budget  Meg, starring Jason Staham which looks to keep the tradition going of good shark movies in theatres next summer.  47 Meters Down looks like it’s earned enough money to garner a sequel and I personally cannot wait for 69 Meters Down starring Mia Khalifa.

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