Don’t be that person…

There’s always those few model citizens who decide to buy an excess amount of black cats on the 4th (if they can get them) just to hold onto them. All of a sudden “randomly” a week after the 4th they want light them off during a peaceful time just to get everybody rattled. Although back in somewhat normal times (early to mid 90’s) I believe that would be ok and nobody would think anything of it but just a silly prank. In today’s day and age I don’t think that motto would work with all the chaos going off in the world currently with mass shootings happening damn near every 3 days you turn on the news. Look, all i’m saying is…if you plan on doing that please don’t be surprised when a pedestrian turns around and lights you up with their 9mm tucked in the back pocket. People are spooked these days so that might be your last black cat. Choose wisely my friends.

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