How to cope with a tough Dodgers loss

The Dodgers lost the final game of a weekend set with the Padres today. Before I get into my detailed recap, I should admit I didn’t watch a single pitch of this game. I spent my Sunday as I like to spend most of my Sundays. Being  a piece of shit. I was invited to a BBQ at my parents and decided that floating in their pool, working on the beginnings of a tan (fucking sunburn), drinking their booze, eating their food would make for a fine afternoon. I did go through the trouble of connecting my phone to my parents Bluetooth speaker with every intention of listening to Charlie Steiner call the game.  I have to admit, I didn’t listen to a single fucking pitch. After a Corona and a couple pulls off the girlfriends’ margarita, I finally glanced at my phone to see that Maeda had given up a couple dingers and a couple doubles. The Padres also scored a run on a double play. Whatever. I think Corey Seager drove in a couple runs on a double, and after a couple games off, Grandal hit a solo home run. 

Normally the Dodgers losing to an NL West opponent would be enough to at least alter my mood in some kind of way. But today I was completely unaffected. Maybe it was the 85° sparkling pool water. Or perhaps it was the free beers and blended margaritas. The perfectly BBQd food certainly couldn’t have hurt. Whatever it was, I’m thinking the combination of these things could be the perfect coping mechanism to getting over your favorite teams loss.

Dodgers are off tomorrow (I think. Too lazy to check) enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a good 4th of July.

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