A Rare Deebs Sighting

Our good friend Deebs was in town this Fourth of July weekend. It’s pretty unusual when he tells you he’s coming into town and you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning (and in this case it might be a better alternative) than Deebs hitting you up to do something.

This morning I got these texts from him:


Now this conversation seems mostly normal to the general population. But having lived with the guy for a couple years I took two things away from this: A. He just showed up to town from Long Beach and wanted to start raging as soon as possible. Or B. He had an all night bender and wants to keep it going. I have a great respect of him for that and would have joined him if it wasn’t 10 AM!

Lesson: When in doubt, always text Joe to see where the party is at. He’s usually passed out somewhere, but if not he’s always ready to party, pass out, and start the process over again.IMG_0130.PNG

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